Sears Citi Card Activation Guide

A complete step-by-step guide to activating your Sears Citi Bank Card. Learn a detailed and the most accurate Sears Citi Card Activation via Online or By Phone. Activating your Sears Card just got easier!

Sears is a branch of CitiBank that provides Credit Cards, Mastercards, and Gift Cards to CitiBank users. If you have just received your brand new Sears Citi Card, then Congratulations! But wait there’s still one more important step left before you start using your card for purchases. And that is activating your Sears Card.

Before you begin enjoying all of the advantages of your Sears Citi Card, you must first activate the card by confirming your identity and card information. The two best ways on how to activate Sears Card is:

How To Activate Sears Card ONLINE

To perform Sears Citi Card Activation online, you need to:

  • Visit Sears CitiBank online card activation portal @SearsCardActivate
  • Enter your Card Number
  • Enter the Name mentioned on your card
  • Enter the 3-digit security code mentioned at your card’s back
  • Enter the last 4-digits of the cardholder’s SSN
  • Click “VERIFY”
  • Your Sears card will be activated instantly!

How To Activate Sears Card by PHONE

To perform Sears Citi Card Activation over the phone, you need to:

  • Dial Sears 24/7 Helpline number at 1-800-815-7701
  • Follow the prompts to complete the activation
  • The customer support agent may ask you for details like your Card Number, Name mentioned on the card, Card Expiry date – so make sure that you have your Card in handy
  • On successful validation of the verification, your Sears Card will be activated.

Important Things To Know

Here are several important things That Each and Every Card-member must know before Doing the activation process to get their cards activated:

  • You should have your Sears Card in hand
  • When registering, you have to be the primary cardholder to enroll
  • Make sure you have a secure and stable internet connection
  • Be sure that you mention the exact card number, SSN, and specifics of your entire name, Date of Birth, email, telephone number, etc

So this is how you activate Sears Card. Using this guide you can activate all types of Sears Cards such as Sears Citi Credit Card, Sears Master Card, Sears Gift Card.