HSBC India Card Activation Guide | Activate HSBC Credit/Debit Cards

A complete step by step HSBC Card Activation Guide – Learn how to activate HSBC Credit/Debit Cards in India using 100% genuine and easy methods. HSBC Card Activation India just got easier.

HSBC Card Activation India

If you have just received your brand new HSBC Card, there’s still one more step left before you start using it for purchases and that step is Activating your HSBC Card. For security purposes, HSBC mails its Chip cards to users in a deactivated state. That’s why to use it for purchases, you first need to activate your card.

HSBC Credit Card Activation Guide for India

Looking for how to activate HSBC Credit Card in India? If yes, we have got you covered. Here we have shared HSBC Credit Card Activation using three different methods. That is:

Follow this HSBC Credit Card Activation and get your brand new credit card activated in less than 60 seconds.

HSBC Credit Card Activation by Phone

  • Call HSBC India Credit Card Support Hotline – 1860 108 7788 or 1860 500 2277
  • A support agent will take your call and ask a few personal questions such as credit card number, your DOB, and home phone number to verify your identity
  • Your HSBC credit card will be activated instantly.

*For credit card users, it is recommended that you call between 06:30 hrs to 20:30 hrs.

HSBC Credit Card Activation at HSBC ATM

  • Visit any local HSBC ATM in India.
  • Enter your card inside the HSBC cash machine and perform a PIN based transaction – for example, entering your ATM PIN and inquiring balance at the ATM.
  • Your HSBC credit card will be activated instantly.

HSBC Credit Card Activation at POS Terminal

  • Simply use your new deactivated HSBC credit card at any point of sale.
  • The card will be activated instantly and will also become ready for online registration.

HSBC Debit Card Activation Guide for India

Searching for how to Activate HSBC Debit Card in India? Here’s the complete HSBC Debit Card Activation guide for Indian HSBC card users. There are three different methods for activating HSBC Debit Card:

Follow this simple HSBC India Debit Card Activation process and get your HSBC Debit Card activated instantly.

HSBC Debit Card Activation by Phone

  • Make a Telephone Banking PIN verified call to HSBC India Customer Service in your city to confirm your new Debit Card receipt – OR – You can make a PIN verified call on the IVR.
  • Your HSBC Debit Card will be activated instantly.

HSBC Debit Card Activation at Visa ATM

  • Visit any Visa ATM in India – it could be any bank’s cash machine
  • Insert your Debit Card inside the machine and enter the ATM Pin
  • Your HSBC Debit Card will be activated.

HSBC Debit Card Activation at POS Terminal

  • Use your new HSBC Debit card at a POS Terminal that supports Chip and Pin.
  • Enter your 6 digits ATM Pin after the merchant dips the debit card on a POS terminal.
  • Your Debit Card will be activated.

What’s The Best Way To Activating HSBC Debit & Credit Card in India?

So far, the best and easiest option to activating your HSBC Card is the POS terminal option. Simply use your brand new HSBC Card at any Point of Sale Terminal and your card will be activated in an instant. Apart from fast activation, your card will also become eligible for online registration or internet banking.

How To Register your HSBC Debit/Credit for Personal Internet Banking?

  • To register your card for online banking, visit the official HSBC Internet Registration Portal [CLICK HERE]
  • Authenticate yourself by entering your Debit/Credit card number.
  • Click Continue.
  • Your card will be registered for internet banking.

HSBC India Debit/Credit Card Activation got easier. Simply follow the above mentioned steps and get your HSBC Card Activated in India.