American Express Card Activation Guide: Credit, Corporate, Gift, Prepaid Card

Your American Express Card has just arrived in the mail, and you are looking forward to activating it? This post here shares the complete step-by-step guide to activating your American Express Card via online and phone call methods. Using this helpful guide, you can perform activation for all your American Express Cards such as activating Amex Credit Card, activating Corporate Amex Card, activating Prepaid Amex Card, and activating Amex Gift Card.


American Express Card Activation Guide

If you have just received your American Express Card and now looking forward to using it for making purchases, you’ll need to activate the card first. After activating your Amex card online or by phone, the card will be ready for use immediately.

Information To Have When Activating Your American Express Card

When activating your American Express Card on call or online, you must have the following pieces of information handy:

  • Your Credit Card or Gift Card (which you want to get activated)
  • Your 15-digit Credit Card number printed on the front of the card, the short security code (CVV) printed on the back of the card, and the card expiry date
  • Personal information like your Full Name, DoB, Social Security Number, and Email Address

American Express Credit Card Activation

This is the American Express Credit Card activation guide. Learn how to activate your Amex Credit Card using online, phone call, and text message method. The following are 4-different ways of activating your Amex Credit Card:

  • Visiting – the official online forum to get your card activated
  • Downloading the American Express app on the App Store or Google Play, and activating your card via your smartphone, android or iOS device
  • Texting MEMBER to 86509 from your phone
  • Activating your card by making a call at the number mentioned on the back of your card starting with 1-800 or 1-888

American Express Corporate Card Activation

There are two different methods for your Corporate Amex Card activation – via online and call. Here’s how:

  • Activating your Corporate Amex Card by signing up with the required details on the official online forum, [CLICK HERE]
  • Calling 1-800-362-6033 for card activation

American Express Prepaid Card Activation

If you want to activate your Amex Serve Prepaid Card, you need to:

First Register online with your details [CLICK HERE], and then perform the final card activation [CLICK HERE]

American Express Gift Card Activation

If you have purchased your Amex Gift Card online, it will be shipping at your mailing address with ready-to-use and no card activation required. However, if you have purchased your gift card from a store, you will need to activate it for the first use.

There are two different methods of activating Amex Gift Card:

  • Visiting the online activation portal [CLICK HERE] and entering your card information.
  • Calling the toll-free number beginning with 1-800 or 1-866 listed on the back of your gift card and activating your card over the phone.

Preparing To Use Your American Express Card

After your Amex Card has been successfully activated, it is recommended that you sign your name on the back of the gift card. Use a blue or black ink pen to sign your signature on the box at the back.

Want to perform your American Express Card Activation? Follow the above-mentioned steps and get your Amex Card activated immediately.

Insider Tip:

If you are calling to activate your new Amex card, always call from the phone number associated with your account to skip yourself from the hassle of providing additional personal information again and again.